So… Do We Still Have an Excuse Not to Travel Or…?

by Positive Attitude Blizzard

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Another long year has come and gone, this one showing a little more promise. We’re all just a little bit better about finding solace in the quiet of our homes and we’re all starting to peek our heads back outside and test the waters of seeing other people, as responsibly as possible. With more than a little apprehension, the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to appear, even if the distance is still somewhat ambiguous. Well done on finding happiness in another improvisation-heavy year filled with uncertainty. Have a joyful and relaxing holiday season!

Positive Attitude Blizzard

Positive Attitude Blizzard would like to make the most of the situation and remind you all that when it seems intrusive and inconvenient, it’s not the worst thing going on. Welcome Positive Attitude Blizzard when the time comes. Sit in a comfy chair and drink some cocoa.