24 days of art for good.

The Advent Project is an online multimedia project in the style of an Advent calendar. With a donation of just $5, you support a good cause and also get a key to access a brand-new piece of bite-sized art every day from December 1st through the 24th.

Songs, crafts, games, poems, radio plays, animations, and more. Art that is funny, sad, weird, magical, dark, and light. More than 24 artists have made work to share with you and hundreds of other keyholders who will experience each piece for the first time, together.

This year, we’re proud to partner with Grassroots Global Justice Alliance. All proceeds from key purchases and any additional donations are tax deductible and go to support GGJ in their fight for climate justice.

Get a key

We’re no longer accepting donations through this site, but you can still access the 2021 calendar using your key.

Don’t have a key? It’s not too late! If you donate $5 or more to Grassroots Global Justice Alliance through their website and forward the receipt to info@adventproject.org, we will gladly send you a key to the 2021 calendar.


  • Lindsay Bland
  • Amy Brown Carver & Jamie Ferguson
  • Katie Carver
  • Nancy Bates Dapkiewicz
  • Cara Ehlenfeldt & Jonesy Jones
  • Elena Garcia
  • Gordon Babycakes III
  • Justice Graham
  • Jonathan & Suzanne Hannau
  • Timothy Hayden
  • Greg Hebda
  • Kelli Kaufmann
  • Rose Lewis & Alcinda Cundiff
  • Modet Dance Collective
  • David Moreland & joolz
  • Alexa Erdogan, Emily Olsen & Skyla Lilly
  • Positive Attitude Blizzard
  • Jennifer Rumberger
  • Emily Sanford
  • Smallhounds
  • Jessy Lauren Smith
  • Tony Werner & Katie Markovich
  • Veronica Wilson
  • Miden Wood

Illustrations by Betsy Ochoa

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