The Work

by Modet Dance Collective

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Alright, everybody
We have stuff to do
Get it together
Let’s go
Let’s go
Let’s go
Let’s go
Let’s go
Let’s go
C’mon everybody
Let’s go
Hurry up
Hurry up
Hurry up
Hurry up
Hurry up
Let’s go
I’m just not certain this is the right way to do this?
I don’t know
Alright, everyone take a deep breath
(backwards gibberish)


“The Work”

Composed and Performed by: Dana Dardai

For: Modet Dance Collective and The Advent Project 2021

Performed by:
Alexa Calingo
Dana Dardai
Lily Jean
Ramona Mourir
Joan Ongman
Linda Orr
Pamela Paul
Sarah J. Puls

Edited by: Erica Reid

Special Thanks:
Bilal Dardai
Amy Disch
Fuzzy Gerdes
Keeper the Dog
Noah Moran
Jessy Lauren Smith
Kasey Waas

Modet Dance Collective

Modet Dance Collective was created in 2013 as a way to keep dance and movement accessible in the group’s lives. They provide a welcome and safe space for all ages, races, genders, orientations, styles of dance, and levels of skill to develop and create live performance and digital video.