The Coldest Winter

by Timothy Hayden

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Though this coldest winter you gave my life purpose,
Stood strong by me and made life worth it.
The community criticized me for my sins, 
Nobody cared I lost my job, I needed some wins,
So I sold drugs and robbed, all trying to pay rent.
Felt despondent without heat, couldn’t make a dent
In the bills, so we endured the cold, 
No money to even keep on the stove.
When the eviction notice came, I went to the bank to plead my case,
But all they said they found somebody to take my place.
When we stood in the rain, you gave the only umbrella we had.
I asked myself, how could this world be so heinous and sad?
Every day I was getting my heart broken left and right,
We needed shelter and people closed the door on us in spite.
I was frustrated, but you stayed even when I didn’t treat you right,
Kept me warm through the murk of them freezing nights.
You walking out of my life is something I can’t see,
If someone told me you were done, I wouldn’t believe,
Because my heart is convinced you’re truly down for me.
Through the coldest winter I’ve been abandoned by family and friends, 
Forgotten and neglected; but you stand with me to the end. 
You tell me to keep my heart warm and strengthen my soul,
Yet this winter has made me callous and cold.
When I stood on top I kept people fed,
Provided clothes for the needy and a comfortable bed.
People around me we were facetious when times weren’t funny,
But I kept a smile on my face and treated everything sunny.
My hand was bitten; back stabbed, I was labeled the enemy,
You found me bitter and stayed to allay my hostility.
Through the coldest winter you brought heat in the blueback nights,
And in the dark you always made stars appear bright.
I lost my job and you still stood by my side,
Because your outlook is: until wheels fall off, you ride.
I had to battle my depression, because my anxiety stayed on the rise,
Yet through this cold winter you provided me peace of mind. 


Special thanks to Emily Rousse and Chanelle Fillion

Timothy Hayden

Timothy Hayden, studying psychology in LA, is an avid writer and lover of philosophy.