“Os La Doy De Corazón”

by Elena Garcia

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“Ven mija, it’s almost time!”
She hangs the piñata on the line
Symphonies of colors, ribbons in mid-air
Seven points of dulces filled with care
Cinnamon and sugar waft along the streets
As Abuelita prepares her familiar treats
Churros, buñuelos, tamales, atole,
No holiday feast is complete without mole!
“¡Ya voy! ¡Necesito mi velita!” I shout
Streaming past my tíos pulling piñata strings tout
Gentle, welcoming guitar twangs drift by
Accompanied by neighboring voices held high
From house to house, they sing their song
Pidiendo posada before moving along
Until they find the designated home
Decked out in lights and snow-like foam
“Entren Santos Peregrinos, peregrinos, reciban este rincón,
Aunque es pobre la morada, la morada, os la doy de corazón.”

They’re welcomed in, with arms open wide
Share champurrado and conchas throughout eventide
Afuera, the star-speckled night blossoms sway
Perros callejeros dream of hearths where they’ll lay
Their bellies rumble, their cold noses sniff
The peregrinos bring them bolillos gone stiff
And soon neighbors go grinning, on their merry way,
Back to their homes for the main event of the day
“Que guapos todos, ¡Qué hermoso arbolito!”
“¡Hay Lucia, ese pavo huele exquisito!”
Gifts exchanged in greeting, kisses on the cheek
Children running for the romeritos they seek
And all around them, the warm winter night glows
With love, jolly laughter, perhaps firework shows
For the time has come for holiday cheer —
Feliz Navidad to you and those you hold dear

Elena Garcia

Elena Garcia is a writer, voice actress, and lover of all things archaeology currently living in Chicago, Illinois. She began writing at a young age and enjoys bringing glimpses into other cultures through her poems.